Online Workshop pass. 




In this workshop we will create a Venetian Mask that you will be proud of and will definitely want to pass on as a family heirloom! 


In this workshop you will learn :

  • How to prep Paper Mache form to a perfectly smooth finish
  • Learn how to make your own air dry clay that is very durable yet extremely pliable when wet, out of easy to find products
  • Learn to apply clay in such way to create delicate & intricate shapes
  • How to age your creation
  • Gilding with liquid metals & other options 


This workshop will happen over 3 days 20th - 22nd January 2021  both livestreams will start at 8:30 PM GMT/3:30 PM EST.

This workshop will also include 2 pre-recorded videos showing how to prepare the base & how to create the clay so you can be ready ahead of time if you wish to follow along with me in the live demonstrations.



As with all of my workshops, I will provide alternative options for mediums/ways to create if you don't have access to the same products during the live streaming events.



If you have any questions please fill out the contact form on the website or contact me via any of my social media pages. 




The workshop will be hosted in a private group on Facebook.


In order to take part in the workshop you will need to have a facebook account, if you don't already have one it is very easy and free to set up. Simply go to 


Once the payment has gone through STAY ON THE PAYMENT PAGE until you see an option to  Download a digital File.

(If you don't see it please check your email) 


The file you download will contain the link to the private group  and instructions of what you should do next, as well as the list of items you will need to recreate the project. 


This workshop will be done in  a live format, meaning I'm going to go live in the private facebook group and show exactly what I do, in real time.


As this will be happening in real time you will have an option to ask any questions in the chat. 


If for any reason you can not be present for the live demonstration, the video will be saved in the group so you can watch it in replay whenever it is convenient to you.


I will be monitoring the group after the livestreams so if your question was not answered in the livestream you can ask it in the group or message me directly. 


This project will be broken down in to several live demonstrations. The exact amount of days is stated in the "ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP" section,   However I do like to keep it flexible and go with the flow, so if more/less time is needed I will update the group. 


Once the workshop is finished the group will not be closed or deleted so you will have access to the videos indefinitely. 




Venetian Mask Workshop (RECORDING)