Vintage Junk Tags/Bookmarks

Hi friends!

Today I want to share a little photo tutorial with you on how to make simple tags using images I found on The Digital Collage Club website.

Some of you might be more advanced paper crafters than me and already know how to do simple things like that, however if you’re like me, only just discovering scrapbooking and the wonders of paper crafting, you might find this helpful and fun to do (as did I)


You will need

  • Cardboard ( I used an empty cereal box)

  • Digital tag printouts

  • Scrapbooking paper or just another copy of your digital tag printout for the back of the tag

  • Glue (Decoupage glue, PVA, glue stick)

  • Hole puncher

  • Dark decor wax or ink pad + blending tool

  • Ribbon


Step 1

Get your papers ready

Print out your digital tags. For this project I simply used my inkjet printer and copy paper.

If you would like your tag to have the same image on the back print out 2 copies.

Cut out the digital tags first, you will need to use one of them as a template.

Snip, Snip

Now take a piece of cardboard and carefully trace around one of the tags you cut out to use it as a stencil. Then cut it out.

Now that you have your sample, trace around it and make the amount of cardboard tags that you need. ( I would recommend keeping the sample one in case if you ever want to make more)

If you want to use different paper on the back, use your sample tag to trace around it.

Now put them all together and see how pretty they already look? :D Joking, you should now have 6 digital tags, 6 cardboard tags and 6 background tags for the back. (Or however many tags you are making)


Step 2

Glue them together

Now that all of our papers are ready we can put the construction together. This is where you will need to get your glue and brush out. Any paper glue will do. I used trade grade PVA glue because that's what I had lying around.

Apply an even coat of glue on to your cardboard tag

Repeat on all of your tags

Repeat this step on the other side of your tags

Once you've applied your papers to either side of the tags, get your scissors out and tidy up any overhanging edges

Next, punch out the holes for your ribbon to go through


Step 3

Add Finishing touches

Now that our tags are all put together it's time to add some extra decor. It's completely up to you how simple or complex you make this!

Get your supplies ready. If you're using wax like I did you will need some kind of napkin, or cloth to apply wax with.

Wrap the napkin around your index finger, pick up a little bit of wax with it and smudge it on to the edges of the tag. (you can always use a piece of paper or a plate to wipe excess wax on to before you go over the tag)

Once your happy with the amount of dark framing you have go ahead and tie some ribbon :)

Should look something like this when done ;)


And there you go! We made some lovely tags or bookmarks! Whatever you would like to use them for! I know I'll be making some of these for Christmas and maybe for once I will be proud of my gift wrapping! ( If you didn't already know that I'm the WORST at wrapping presents, now you do!)

Will you be making some of these?


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Here's some that I already made :) Don't forget to show me yours if you end up making some! (e-mail Subject Junk Tags)