How to avoid cracks and gaps when using Air Drying Clay


Time for our first tips and tricks post!

Today I want to talk about those annoying cracks and gaps that so often happen when our Air Drying Clay dries.

It's a completely natural phenomenon that happens when the water compound in the air drying clay evaporates as it dries. It's just one of air drying clay properties.

The amount of shrinkage will vary from one brand to another but it will definitely happen.

This of course can in turn become a little bit of an issue when you're trying to conncet two pieces of clay together, like if you're applying some border moulds and once they're dry you get huge gaps in the corners.

That's exactly what happened in the picture below. When I applied the clay, the corners were all squished flush together but as they dried, clay shrunk and revealed some gaps.

It's okay tho.

I expected this to happen. No matter how hard I try to bring the moulds together when they're wet, I can never squish them together hard enough to where they become one and no gaps appear. That's because in order to blend those two pieces of clay together, I would need to use quite a bit of force, and that in turn would ruin the shape and groves imprinted by the mould.

The important thing to know is how to fix it when this happens.

Here are some products that I just found around my workspace that can be used to fix little shrinkages like this.

Crack Fillers & Gel mediums, also thick pasty glues will do the trick!

Simply use a brush or a little stick to fill in those gaps, I usually like to run my finger or brush over it once It's filled just to even it out and voilà! Cracks all gone, now you just need to wait for the filler/glue or whatever you used to dry and you can safely paint it over! No one will Ever know that there used to be cracks!

If you notice any shrinkage in the filler once it's dry just go over it again. Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to get all of that paste in to a small gap at once so don't worry if it happens, once again it's completely normal and with a little bit of practice you will have this technique mastered!

I hope this was helpful to you! If it was, make sure to share this blog post on your social media and I'll speak to you soon!

Lots of love,

Iveta x

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