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Circus Sweetie Jar

Hello friends!

Today I have a very interesting project that unfortunately had a bit of a bad thing happen to it :( As you will see in photos and in the video, one of the sides of the jar got a bit damaged because turns out my attention span = 0!

Being the impatient self that I am, I decided to speed up the process of drying, got distracted and owed in one side of the jar :( I was contemplating not showing this project at all, or re do it completely, but then I remembered that you guys like when I show that I make mistakes haha! So here you go!


Jar - Secondhand

Finnabair Products (Gesso, Sparks,Moulds,Liquid Acrylic)

Laser Printed Decoupage Image (Discount Codes Below)

Liberon Wax

Annie Sloan Wax

Pebeo Contour liner

Discount Codes For Digital Collage Club



5 OFF YEARLY MEMBERSHIP CODE - DGYEAR https://digitalcollageclub.com/yearly-membership-secret-sale/


I'll be hosting an online workshop starting 22nd February showing how to make this plaque with hand sculpted Flower!

This class is open to anyone, regardless of your skill level!

I will explain and show every step in detail, and if you still have questions I'll be right there to answer!

To Find out more click or tap HERE

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