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Hello and Welcome! 

What is Dainty Gifts? 

My name is Iveta, I am the one man band that is Dainty Gifts.
I am a Latvian born, UK based crafter, instructor and handmade gift and home decor creator! (I wish there was one word to describe it all!)

My passion really lies in teaching what I’ve learned myself and passing the knowledge on. Which is why in 2019 I created my YouTube channel so I could share tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way and inspire people to go out there and create! Now I also have this website and the big dream of turning this in to School of Decor & Decoupage, a space where you will find lots of resources and all the information that you might need to learn the craft. 

I am a big believer in that art, whatever the form, is an essential part of human existence. It’s what allows our souls to heal from the suffering that life brings. And so I want to take part in teaching people to use the tools we have, to inspire people to not be afraid of making mistakes in their learning process.
So to answer the question above, Dainty Gifts is a way to bring a little bit of joy in to our lives through creation and learning.

Also, if you don't feel like creating things yourself, head over to my Shop where you will find some pretty things that are looking for their forever home! 

Iveta Ziedina, Dainty Gifts